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In this document, the terms "we" and "our" and “us” refers to Havenport Incorporated, owner of the website, and the terms "you" and "your" refers to the reader.

By accessing and using information from, or services of, our web site or by sending information to us, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and to our practices of collecting, using and disclosing your personal information. We may amend our privacy policy from time to time. Such updates may affect our practices of collecting, using and disclosing your personal information.

When you visit our web site without providing your name and contact information, Google Analytics collects the information Google Analytics collects which may be reviewed by opening a Google Analytics account and the collection and use of that information is governed by the Google Analytics privacy policy, AWStats and Webalizer may also be used and collect similar information.. We believe that information to include, but possibly not be limited to, some or all of: time of visit, host name, length of visit, pages visited, arrival pages, exit pages, referring sites or sites from which you came, the site to which you go, user agents (type and version of web browser you used to access the web site), countries, top level domains, IP address and domain you used to access the web site. We use the information to assess usefulness of our site to our visitors, to assess our marketing efforts, and to monitor our web site's performance.

According to Google, our use of Google Analytics means this site uses cookies. Here is what Google says this site is to say:

“You must post a Privacy Policy and that Privacy Policy must provide notice of Your use of cookies that are used to collect traffic data, and You must not circumvent any privacy features (e.g., an opt-out) that are part of the Service. You may participate in an integrated version of Google Analytics and any DoubleClick product or service or any other Google display ads product or service ("Google Analytics for Display Advertisers"). If You use Google Analytics for Display Advertisers, You will comply with the Google Analytics for Display Advertisers Policy (available at ) and, as set forth in the policy, disclose in Your Privacy Policy (i) Your use of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers and its features You use, and (ii) how Visitors can opt-out from Google Analytics for Display Advertisers. Your access to and use of any DoubleClick or Google display ads data is subject to the applicable terms between You and Google.”

This site doesn’t use Google Analytics for Display Advertisers.

We collect personal information on the form you use to contact us with offers or inquiries. The information is used to respond to the offers or inquiries. If you authorize us to notify you of future domain names offered for sale via the web site, then we’ll use your informaiton to do so. The information may also be used to deliver information about products and services relevant to privacy compliance or information about products and services the vendors of which feel may be of interest to you. The information may be disclosed to third parties to facilitate delivery of the products and services. The information is collected via a Google Form. Google’s privacy policy, in addition to ours, would apply to the collection of information via Google Forms.

If you send us personal information through a means other than Google Forms, we will treat the information in the same way as if it were sent via Google Forms.

We use the services of a number of companies. Those companies operate in more than one country. Consequently, any information you give them or we give them to complete the domain sale will be subject to the laws of those countries. Their privacy policies differ from ours.

Godaddy is the registrar of some of our domains. Their privacy policy is at their website here:

Baremetal is the registrar of some of our domains. They have access to our usage statistics. Their privacy policy is at their website here: is used to hold the purchase funds in escrow until the purchased domain names are transferred. Their privacy policy is at their website here: is hosted at Their privacy policy is at their website.

Cookies placed by your browser on your computer are used by one or more of our service providers. Our web site contains hyper-links to other Internet web sites. We are not responsible for those web sites or your use of them.

Exceptions to our privacy policy may be made for particular types of transactions. When such exceptions are to be made, your consent will be sought prior to your entering the transaction.

By submitting your information to us you consent to the following:

We collect your contact information on our forms for the following purposes:

To respond to your offers or inquiries and, if you consent to our so doing, sending you notice of future domain names for sale via the website.

To contact you to request your permission should a new use or potential disclosure of your information be identified and should we wish to use or disclose your information for the new purpose.

When we use your information to communicate with you we do so via the unsecure internet, fax, telephone, courier or post.

Those retained by us to assist us in accomplishing our mission have access to the information we collect.

We will take reasonable steps to dispose of your information in our possession after the latter of three years after the transaction and the end of known and recognized legal liabilities (other than those relating to the retention and security of the information) relating to the information. However, the information is recorded electronically via the internet, so there is no guarantee that reasonable steps will be able to eliminate all records of your personal information.

Information collected may be placed in databases, word processing merge documents, and other electronic systems to facilitate the uses described above.

If you make a request regarding the existence, use, or disclosure of your personal information, we will advise you of the approximate cost of responding to the request. At that time you may choose whether to withdraw or continue with the request.

When a request to review collected personal information is requested, all within 30 days of the request, we locate the file, determine whether there are legal prohibitions on the disclosure, if not, then send a message advising of the cost of satisfying the request. When the payment is received, we purge the personal information of third parties if necessary, copy and send the copied file. If the requestor provides corrected information, we update the file accordingly.

To make a request, gain access to your information, or file a complaint, the Havenport Incorporated Privacy Officer may be contacted via postal address: 766 Community Row, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3R 1H7 or via the Make an Offer form on the website.

If we receive a complaint, we date it, acknowledge receipt promptly, and deal with it within 30 days.

We change our privacy policy from time to time. When we do, our updated policy will be updated here.